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Massaging Myself With A Dildo

Hi guys! Well today i went to go to see my friend but he wasn't feeling good. :( Then it started to rain, you all know when it's rain in Mumbai how bad it is specially in monsoon, so i decided to stay inside and give myself a massage with my favorite dildo. Giving your self a massage sure aint easy but i managed, and it got me pretty horny too! And Y'all know what i like to do when i get horny! :)

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My Fuck Session With Ramesh

Hey every girl needs a good cock to suck on.. Well so do I :) So why not show you me licking and... sucking it! But this time it's with my sextoy Ramesh, I purchased it from market, my boyfriend is away and I am feeling horny so i thought i need some thing mobile who gets ready when ever I want. It is a short set but you get to see me enjoy a little bit, I had to hurry I had to go out for a shopping! hahaha .

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I Like To Be A Teaser

hehe ok so i know a few of you wanted a set of me in a in a shower soaping my busty big boobs and shaved fat pussy dripping hot jizz :) well here you go, i got it and in a nice place too. The Shower! Well this is in Mumbai resort when I was with my friends for a picnic, and i loved the shower doors, all glass :) So anyone want to take my shirt off :) I was starting to give tease looks. i know you people will enjoy it :)

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Sexy In The Green Punjabi Dress

So today I picked out an outfit to show you guys that features my favorite color, Green! lucky for you, even with my shirt on you can still see straight through it hehe. Well we were being alittle kinky and wanted to take some pics! Yeah i was sipping on some wine hehe i love having a glass of wine and relaxing... well and get naughty! hehe so what do you think? you like what you see?